Record-Setting Prices for Pennsylvania-Dutch Objets d'Art

(No, They're Not Mine.)


(Image: Pook & Pook Inc)

Sold for $469,000.00 at Pook and Pook Auction,  Downingtown, PA.

Portrait of John Mays, of Schaefferstown, Lebanon County, PA.

By Jacob Maentel

Sold May 13, 2006

Illustrated in:

Sunbonnets and Shoofly Pies, A Pennsylvania Dutch Cultural History by John J. Stoudt



(Image: Freeman's Auction)

Sold for $366,750.00 at Freeman's,  Philadelphia.

Fraktur by Rev. George Geistwiete

Sold April 24, 2004

Illustrated in:

The Fraktur Writings or Illuminated Manuscripts of the Pennsylvania Germans

by Donald Shelley.