Auction Houses that Sell these Antiques


Lancaster County's Horst Auction:  Brent, Tim, Tom, and T Glenn ...Horst.

Horst Auction:  These guys are my cousins!

Sotheby's:  Bid high here.  (Don't let some international conglomerate win your grandma's stuff.)

Christie's:   If you lose the bid at Sotheby's, you might get lucky here.

Pook and Pook, Inc.  My favorite name for an auction house.

Conestoga Auction: And it's next-door to The Planet's Best Farmers' Market.

Freeman's Auction  In my favorite Quaker city: Philadelphia! (P.S.: The Rittenhouses were Mennonite. Like Me.)

Garth's in Ohio It's not in Pennsylvania, but it's in the Pennsylvania Dutch Diaspora.

Cowan's in Ohio Wes Cowan is a PBS History Detective. He sometimes detects excellent Pennsylvania Dutch stuff.